How to prepare for your first NDIS planning conversation: A to-do list

If you're eligible for NDIS funding, you should get ready for your NDIS planning conversation, where you'll discuss the supports, services, and products you require with an NDIS representative. This conversation determines the amount of funding you'll receive in your new NDIS plan, so it's important that you get it right. 

This helpful to-do list will assist you in feeling confident and prepared for your first planning conversation as we cover the following:

  • Arranging a time for your planning conversation
  • Asking your preferred support person to attend with you
  • Gathering your personal information into a document or file 
  • Writing down an outline of your week, including your day-to-day support needs 
  • Preparing your NDIS goals 
  • Sending supportive documents to your NDIS Planner, Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Partner







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